Dream Talk #45

I had two distinct dreams last night.

In the first, the bearded dragon of one of my friends gained the power of human speech and she took videos of him and they became youtube famous. She would upload skits she did with him daily and held weekly live chat sessions in which she and her dragon answered questions from fans.

In the second, I was at some used book/video games/DVD/CD/record etc store kind of like a V-Stock combined with Vintage Vinyl. My sister was looking for some bluegrass record but didn’t find it so we just wandered around the store for a bit. She found an old Powerpuff Girls game for the GBA that we used to play. I stumbled across a boxset of Natsume Yuujinchou and a Nyanko-sensei plushie. It was a day of good purchases.

Dream Talk #44

I just finished watching Natsume Yuujinchou last night so of course I dream about it.

I was in some house with Natsume and his human friends and we decided to play hide-and-seek. Some of Natsume’s youkai friends (that I was able to see apparently) showed up and joined in, too.

I don’t really remember much else, other than I hid behind a statue of a yak and was one of the last people Natsume found. And that it was a lot of fun! :D

Dream Talk #43

I had a dream that my landlords owned this clothing shop and omg it was fabulous.

I got this really pretty black shimmery sundress, a pink starry sweater-shirt, a red tartan skirt, and a couple of other items I can’t recall. And it was really cheap, too! Basically the store was kind of like Forever 21 or H&M or something but with Arc Thrift prices. It was so rad.

But it was sadly just a dream.

Dream Talk #42

Basically the recurring suffocation dreams have not stopped. :/

I had thought it was because I was spending the last few days in my parents home and the fact that since my car is back in Colorado, I can’t be as independent as I normally am. Also you know, the whole graduating in 2 months and finding a job looming over my head, and not wanting to have to move back in with my parents completely.

But yellow roses as well as other symbols of friendship (and specifics, like tattoos, etc that those friends have) are indicating it’s not my parents who are suffocating me, it’s my old high school friends.

These dreams are warnings. Warnings that if I stay in Missouri, I won’t be able to chase my dreams or reach my full potential. Warnings that I won’t be as happy as I normally am because god my high school friends are still so drama filled. Warnings because although we all (mostly) still get along and share at least some similar interests, we are all changing and growing and evolving. And my evolution is on a much different course than theirs.

For the past several months I’ve been struggling so much over where to live after graduating and where to look for jobs. The past few days and nights have confirmed for me that for my own sanity and health, I cannot move back to Missouri, not matter how much I miss and care for those friends.

It’s time to give in to the blazing wanderlust that lies within my soul and begin a new life somewhere far away…

Dream Talk #41

I repeatedly had nightmares last night that I was suffocating.

In some of them owner-less hands covered my mouth and nose and clawed at my throat. In others I just felt high pressures against my chest preventing me from breathing. In others still, I heard disembodied laughter as invisible limbs choked me.

I woke up from all of these dreams gasping for air.

And here’s doodles from the past few months. I’m not doodling nearly as much as I used to… It’s kind of sad, really.

Since it’s the birthday of this blog here’s a post with some of the things I doodled last year but was too lazy to upload.

Cryptidoodles turned 2 today!
lol and it’s been like 2 months since i last updated this blog

Cryptidoodles turned 2 today!

lol and it’s been like 2 months since i last updated this blog

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Dream Talk #40

God it’s been 3 months since I’ve updated this blog. I’ve had tons of weird dreams in those 3 months but they’re all too fuzzy for me to recount now. I vividly remember the one I had last night, though.


I was in some old mansion that was apparently my home. I shared the mansion with several other people, some that I know in real life and some that I think I may have just made up. A couple of nights before the current day in my dream, the mansion had been broken into and everyone was really uneasy because for all we knew the burglar was armed and still somewhere in the mansion. 

That night I went to my room and got ready for bed. I couldn’t help but feel like I wasn’t alone but I checked under my bed and behind everything a human could possibly hide behind and found no sign of anyone. I convinced myself that I was just tired and on edge because everyone else was, too. So I went to sleep.

I woke up with a sudden gasp as a knife plunged into my stomach. Then another. And another. My room was so dark that my eyes couldn’t make anything out at all. I flailed, trying to knock my attacker but my limbs met nothing. My struggling only made the knives shift and I howled out in pain as blood gushed everywhere.


I was in such pain in that dream that I woke up panting and clutching my aching stomach. I stumbled to my bathroom and discovered that my period had started two days early.

Ruby from RubyQuest, a scruffy goat-thing, and I guess a dragon?